Medical Group


Whitney Oaks Care Center has created a partnership with Mercy Medical Group (MMG), a Dignity Affiliated Medical Group, to provide physician services to our patients.

Led by Dr. Shivani Bhutani, MMG is a multidisciplinary team of physicians and nurse practitioners brought on board with one goal in mind – to improve yours or your loved ones care while reducing the frequency of hospital re-admission. With their diverse specialties and extensive background in long term care and geriatrics, MMG professionals will provide you or your loved ones with daily, high acuity care.

Facility Physicians
Dr. Shivani Bhutani, Geriatric Medicine, Medical Director (Board Certified Geriatric Medicine, American Board of Medical Specialties)

Dr. Glen Xiong, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Mental Health Medical Director (Board Certified Internal Medicine, Psychiatry)

Dr. Ravi Chinthakindi, Internal Medicine (Board Certified Internal Medicine)

Dr. Ramnik Josan, Internal Medicine

This partnership allows Whitney Oaks to provide a level of medical care and service rivaled only by top hospitals.

Most skilled nursing facilities have a physician or nurse practitioner visit each patient once every thirty days. At Whitney Oaks Care Center, we have a physician or nurse practitioner in our building almost every weekday and often on the weekends. The physicians and nurse practitioners are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. As part of our team, we have immediate access to a wound care specialist and psychiatrist. All of this allows us to provide better patient care and prevent hospital re-admissions.




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